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Your work as a storekeeper is vital to maintaining the smooth flow of operations and customer satisfaction. We will discuss the importance of excellent service, contact with other functions, customer service, physical security, and security through administration and technology in this course. We will also look at stockholding and responsibility, stock accuracy and documentation, store/warehouse planning and design, order picking and stock problems, stock control systems, stocktaking, and performance measurement. You will have a strong grasp of the basic concepts and best practises for successful storekeeping at the end of this course, allowing you to optimise efficiency, decrease costs, and increase performance. 

This Course Include



  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the stores/warehouse function and its importance in business operations.
  • Learn best practices for providing excellent customer service and interacting with other functions within the organization.
  • Develop skills in physical security and implementing security measures through administration and technology.
  • Gain knowledge of the reasons for holding stock, controlling and reducing stockholding costs, and maintaining stock accuracy and recording.
  • Acquire insights into stores/warehouse planning and design, including layout planning, optimizing the efficiency of the storage area, and selecting storage and materials handling equipment.
  • Learn order picking methods, improving speed and accuracy, and using fixed, random, and combined stock location systems.
  • Understand different stock control systems and how to implement them, including basic concepts of quantity and time-based systems, min-max systems, and MRP/JIT.
  • Learn how to conduct stocktaking, handle discrepancies, and reduce surplus, obsolete, and redundant stock.
  • Develop key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure performance and improve efficiency in storekeeping.
  • Attending this course will equip you with practical knowledge and skills that can enhance your performance as a storekeeper, ultimately contributing to the success of the organization.


Case Studies & Team Exercises

Stores/ Warehouse Layout/ Security/ Improving Picking/ Stock Issues/ Stocktaking/ Receipt of Materials/ Getting Stock Accuracy.