Supply Chain Management is a multi-disciplinary programme designed to help you create and implement innovative strategies that can help your organisation serve customers effectively and efficiently.

How You Benefit:

  • Value: adopt value as a guiding principle to deliver superior managerial performance with significant business impact.
  • Alignment: discover tools to align core processes for operational excellence.
  • Sustainability: understand frameworks to manage risks and opportunities for sustainable supply chain management on a global scale.

Supply Chain Management training seminar is aimed at both suppliers and buyers who need an overview of the key drivers involved when viewing supply chains from a logistics / demand point of view and appreciate what supply chain management are fundamentally about, and that delegates are able to:

  • Apply key techniques to control lead time in the movement of goods and materials to customers and users
  • Find the right cost and service balance
  • Use practical skills to take back to the workplace to change current methods
  • Work better with all supply chain players


  • Appreciation of how competitive advantage can be achieved within dynamic market places
  • Understanding of the impact of enhanced supply chain performance on the overall profitability of the organisation
  • Ability to address the management of supply chain risks
  • Determine how time builds up in supply chains and that time is cash
  • Be able to understand, recall and apply improvements after the seminar for work-based application
  • Apply best in class practices

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