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Digital (= online) Marketing of your Company’s Products and Services has to form an integral part of your overall corporate marketing strategy. ‘Digital’ encompasses everything from online advertising via i.e. Google Search Ads and Google Display Ads, Social Media Marketing, eMail Marketing, Affiliate Marketing etc. all the way to being able to effectively measure the outcome of all online marketing initiatives for their impact on ROI. To most non-practitioners that often looks like a black box, making them uncomfortable in dealing with the challenges of devising and strategizing their company’s online activities.

Many companies contract their Digital Marketing activities out to agencies, hoping that they come up with what’s best for the company. In most such cases blind trust is given to the agency, and next to no monitoring or reporting is provided for. On the other hand, no one knows the company better than its decision makers. Should they not be the ones who devise the online strategy? Often it is the lack of knowledge (or even fear of the unknown) that holds them back.

This 2-Day Masterclass is targeted at corporate Marketing and Sales staffs who need to get a better handle on understanding how Digital Marketing works, how online strategies can be formulated and implemented, and how outcomes can be measured.


  • After completing this Digital Marketing Masterclass for corporate Marketing & Sales Staff, participants will have a solid overall understanding on how Digital Marketing works and how it can be effectively implemented into their company’s overall marketing strategy.
  • Participants will have a better understanding of relevant technical terms and principles to effectively engage with other stakeholders (own marketing colleagues, agencies etc) and to monitor their progress.

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