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Introduction to Corporate Governance (DAY 1)

The course focuses on the role and utility of corporate governance as an essential tool contributing to corporation’s success. In today’s fast-paced globalised business environment, there is a marked increase in the need to monitor a company’s operations.

The implementation of a robust and effective corporate governance infrastructure is a key internal safeguard functioning to reduce, if not eliminate, many of today’s business risk. Understanding how good corporate governance can contribute to a corporation’s success has become a key management focus.

Course Content

The course will teach the requirements of corporate governance and how to implement it within the organisation. The course would take participants through what corporate is and why it is important together with provisions on how to implement the requirements within the company.

Introduction to Risk Management (DAY 2)

The course focuses on equipping middle management and executives with the basic knowledge of the practice of risk management in commercial enterprises. This knowledge will help employees to better understand their role and function within the company as risk permeates throughout every commercial endeavour. Apart from equipping the employees with knowledge, the information and understanding that this course brings will facilitate better risk management for the organisation.

Course Content

The course will teach the basics of risk management with an emphasis on how it applies in the day-to-day duties of managers and executives. The course would take participants through what risk management is and why it is important to the company. The course also teaches the tools that can be used in the management of risk. It will end a walkthrough of practical measures in implementing risk management solutions.

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