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Microsoft Excel is one of the most widely used spreadsheet and data management programs in organisations today. An understanding of Excel can be a critical factor in being able to carry out a variety of responsibilities

This course introduces Microsoft Excel users to the advanced features of the software application. Participants will learn how to sort and manage data in lists; filter and query data; lookup and database functions, and PivotTables.

In-class exercises will involve the use of data tables and scenarios to make projections about data and use Goal Seek to analyse data. Participants will also learn how to audit worksheets, protect worksheets and workbooks, and create and use macros.

This Course Include



1. Functions & formulas

2. Database Management

3. Pivot Tables & Charts

4. Learn Conditional Formatting, Data Validation

5. Audit worksheets

6. Analyse and present Data through Sparklines

7. Create Dashboard Report