In a Maintenance Analysis, we are very much concerned about the reliability of various functioning components in the systems, the system safety associated with production, by reliability, the ability of the system to function as planned.

Once a component failure occurs in the system, it may affect the whole system, and the production cannot be continued anymore. The Maintenance personnel require the knowledge to communicate with each other for identification of the faulty state, for seeking the (root) cause, and for finding out the solution or method to restore the failure.


  • Describe what makes an effective troubleshooting.
  • Collect evidence to review the fault symptoms.
  • Decide which system/component to check.
  • Draw excellent block diagrams that characterise a sub-system.
  • Isolate the faulty component/system.
  • Suggest fixing methods.
  • Ensure the root cause is addressed
  • Close out the problem effectively.
  • Review performance and keep improving

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