Good leadership simply means achieving company goals and becoming profitable. As role models of good practice, HR professionals, managers, supervisors, team leaders must possess and exhibit excellent leadership skills. Unfortunately, the promotion from supervisory to managerial or to management post is oftentimes based on seniority rather than capability to lead. Managers will eventually be the mediator between the people that they lead and the people that they report to.

In the past decades, we have seen many changes leadership requirements of a manager. Leaders at this age are required to learn new set of skills such as the ability to coach, mentor, communicate, empathize, motivate and the list goes on.

This workshop is designed to help you overcome many of the managerial problems you will encounter as a boss, whether you are a team leader, a project manager, or a unit coordinator. Dealing with the many problems a new supervisor encounters isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to lead to discouragement. This two-day workshop will give you just that opportunity.


  • Understand the process of being Effective and Efficient to Lead and Manage.
  • Learn to be creative in their approaches to perform task.
  • Identify and overcome roadblocks to effective performance Management and not just jumping to conclusions due to time constrain.
  • Be able to generate a number of effective options to assure that the solutions found are sound, practical and creative.
  • Develops a pro-active thinking to find ways to be Effective before it finds your procrastination.
  • Learn to use the appropriate toolsets and techniques when making a decision of priority.


For inquiries, please contact the following Program Consultant:

Ms. Joanne / email: / Tel: +6088731570  

Mr. Azrul / email: / Tel: +6088731410  

Ms. Emily / email: / Tel: +6088731412

Ms. Tracy / email: / Tel: +6088731575

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