Selling, in the old days, was largely an act of personal heroism. The key to successful selling was knowing the products and the customers. The effective sales representative would present his or her product or service in the best possible light, forge a bond with the buyer and triumph over the competition.

This approach has little to do with the way sales are made in today’s real world. Today’s customers don’t want products; they demand solutions, and solutions don’t come in a box. They must be designed, fashioned to meet the customer’s specific needs. Making such sales takes a lot more than personal charisma. Today’s selling is system selling, solution selling, consultative selling; it entails analysing customer needs, designing alternative solutions, scrutinizing costs, developing and implementing systems, and more.

This 2 days workshop is particularly important in salesmanship because more than 70 percent of salespeople have direct contact with customers. They are responsible for helping customers satisfy their needs and resolve their problems.

This program enables participants to:

  • Understand the new marketing paradigm
  • Sell products and services in a professional manner using direct and reverse psychology
  • Drive business results, successful salesmen focus on the buyer’s needs and provide solutions, not just make a sales transaction.
  • Develop skills and knowledge to identify customers’ business drivers, qualify opportunities, demonstrate value to customers and respond to objections
  • Learn how to analyze, present and negotiate effectively
  • Understand relationship between sale cycle and nonverbal communication
  • Create a successful sales team

For further information, please contact the following:

Emily: Tel: +6088731412 / E-mail:

Azrul: Tel: +6088731571 / E-mail:

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