Business writing is a type of professional communication and is also known as business communication and professional writing. Studies have shown that non-verbal communication is an important element of business communication as it is more indicative of an individual’s thinking than words.

The global workplace forces us to improve our communication skills. Irrespective of the field, job, and expertise, you need to be an effective communicator in order to move up the career ladder. Whether you are connecting internally with colleagues and executives or externally to clients, the way you write can either give your career a boost or hamper your progression within the organization.

This 2 days program is to help you understand the impact your communication skills have on other people. You will also explore how improving these skills can make it easier for you to get along in the workplace.

Objectives of this Program

Participants will –

  • Improve their skills in writing clear, concise business correspondence.
  • Analyze authentic business correspondence and determine reader needs.
  • Develop reader-focused content designed to produce a positive response to all business messages.
  • Use a five-step situation analysis tool to ensure the right message is written the right way every time.
  • Write official business letters and conversational e-mail.

For further information, please contact the following: Emily: Tel: +6088731412 / E-mail:

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