DATE: 27th-28th August 2018

VENUE: Shangri-La Tanjung Aru Resort & Spa


As service providers, we sometime find ourselves facing or handling “difficult customer”. When we have to deliver “bad news”, say “no” to customers or to people in power, we’re often tempted to satisfy with a “yes”. It is indeed a challenge trying to balance the need to be service-oriented and the need to deliver difficult messages to our customers.

Professionals are encourages to demonstrate professional communication skills when they interact with customers or clients. They face unspoken expectations to manage negative emotions that come with challenging service situations thereafter.

This 2-day course teaches service providers how to manage difficult customer situations more effectively that work towards joint problem-solving/agreement.

This workshop will be conducted in a highly-interactive and participative environment that uses real-life case stories, examples and scenarios to get participants to think and apply different strategies to handle difficult customers. Role plays will be conducted throughout the workshop and at the end to re-enforce key learning points.


  • Identify what causes customers to be demanding or difficult and the consequences
  • Recognize and manage your own response
  • Develop strategies for managing different types of difficult customers
  • Analyse your own state and determine the approach towards dealing with difficult customers
  • Identify different difficult customer behaviors
  • Gain confidence in handling customers appropriately
  • Develop communication skills on listening, defusing conflict/anger, speaking assertively

For further information on this course, kindly contact Annette at 088-731409 or email at annette@cfrontier.com

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