DATE: 26th-27th July 2018


HR function has shifted tremendously in this age ruled by technological disruption and big data. With the rate of technological obsolescence and availability of information, mounting competition, companies can no longer operate like how it use to in yesteryears. This velocity of change had impacted HR in bigger ways than it was before and posed exceptional challenges for HR practitioners to meet these demands and overcome the challenges.

During this digital age, organisation competitiveness lies on its ability to manage its talent, provide relevant skills-set and embrace technology to enhance capabilities. Despite the challenges, the digital era is also presenting an exciting opportunities for HR to leverage on technological advances by being the catalyst to these changes that is taking place. With much discussions about the Industry 4.0, data science, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data. etc, there is a need to take closer look on how these tools and trends could benefit each organization and how can HR leverage on this opportunity and rise to the challenges presented.

On the other hand, there is also a big shift on the type of workforce that is entering and exiting the job market. Changing expectations, skills sets and increase in overall diversity require HR practitioners to be well equipped to optimise from this new breed of workforce.

This 2 days conference will present participants opportunity to listen, learn and leverage from the diverse line-up of speakers with high expertise and insights into the industry. Join us and accelerate your knowledge and insights into the future of HR in the digital era.


  • Insights into the impact of digital age on HR best practices
  • Changes in Industrial Relations in Industry 4.0
  • Trends to anticipate to the future of workforce and workplace
  • Using HR Analytics to Predict Qualitative and Quantitative issues in HR
  • How Workplace of the future will impact HR
  • Relevant Leadership in Industry 4.0
  • To use power communication skills to refine leadership skills
  • Strategies in Upskilling workforce to stay relevant

For further information on this course, kindly contact Annette at 088-731409 or email at annette@cfrontier.com

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