TITLE: PA, Secretary & Administrator Conference 2018, The Future Assistant: Elegant, Effective & Enlightened

DATE: 16th-17th April 2018



At CF Learning Services Sdn Bhd (Corporate Frontier) we recognised the importance of Personal Assistants, Administrators and Secretaries alike. As such, this 2 days event is dedicated to all the personnel assisting someone important.

This 2 days conference will cover 7 significant topics that would help you to drive you to the next level in your career. Every topic is to ensure that you will future proof your skills and competencies. It will be delivered by 8 different speakers with 7 different expertise, ensuring that you will learn from only the best.

Our highly energetic speakers will share their journey, provide you tips and techniques, practical guide inspire you to become the best version of you.

For more information about this course, kindly contact Annette at 088-731409 or email at annette@cfrontier.com

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