In many instances, we read news on organizations being implicated for their inept handling of high profile contracts or procurements. Procurement or also known as purchasing plays important role to acquire resources to run the business. Most of the times, fraud and other misappropriation of fund takes place in the procurement department. An audit review of the procurement process is essential to curb fraud and ensure the integrity of company’s capital. There are several key procedures that procurement department can implement to prevent and deter fraudulent transactions.

The course aims at contributing to the improvement of the effectiveness of the “Procurement Audit” and supervision functions and procurement operations through enhancing the capacity of the participants in conducting the full spectrum of procurement audit functions ranging from:

  • Verifying compliance with the legal requirements of procurement
  • Analysis of organizational context; systems and procedures
  • Segregation of functions, internal procurement audit planning and approval processes with corresponding integration into the financial management systems
  • Assessment of risk at each step of the procurement process including those related to the choice of contract type and supervision of contract performance
  • Planning and execution of audit

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