TITLE: Interpersonal Skills: Developing Effective Relationship

DATE: 19th-20th March 2018



  • Initiative and drive to achieve organization harmony objectives
  • Creative approach to developing solutions together
  • Ability to work in a team and develop relationships to achieve results
  • Developing a positive attitude in work and situations
  • Increase the level of cooperation and support you get from your coworkers and managers
  • Reduce the stress of difficult situations with people
  • Acquire the skills of influence and assertive that gives you the results you want and a positive team work climate
  • Understand how personal and professional values, choices and behaviors affect their effectiveness in an prganization


  • Understand the process of being effective and efficient relationship
  • Learn to be creative in their approaches to perform task for a win-win
  • Identify and overcome roadblocks to effective performance management and not just jumping to conclusions due to time constrain
  • be able to generate several effective options to assure that the solutions found are sound, practical and creative for working relationships
  • Develops a pro-active thinking to find ways to be effective before it finds your procrastination

For more information about this course, kindly contact Annette at 088-731409 or email annette@cfrontier.com

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