The best negotiators know that reaching the best possible deal with their counterparts requires abilities in three key areas: 1) Objective – Knowing what they want and planning a strategy to achieve it; 2) Insight – Knowing who their counterparts are and what their counterparts want; and 3) Flexibility – Knowing how and when to change strategies and styles if the negotiation isn’t working.

In this two-day program, we will focus on each of these key areas and exercise the micro skills behind them.  Using an interactive, activity-based approach, you’ll understand how to incorporate your new skills into your own negotiation style.  We’ll cover how to plan and keep to a negotiating strategy based on your counterparts’ characteristics, how to probe for information that your counterpart may be reluctant to give, and how to leverage your strengths and lead the negotiation towards a WIN-win outcome.


Participants will:

  • Acquire useful tools for leveraging their own strengths against those of their counterparts
  • Obtain information from their counterparts through probing, listening and proposing techniques
  • Plan strategies to use in their negotiations based on the target they wish to achieve and the level of trust they have for their counterparts
  • Analyze the reasons behind their counterparts’ objections so they can deal with them effectively
  • Practice negotiation techniques in role-play simulations for discussion and feedback
  • Apply win-win strategies so both parties leave the table feeling like they have obtained good deal


For further information on this course, kindly contact Annette at 088-731409 or email




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