Title: Production Control & Planning: Optimizing Production Performance and Reduce Wastages, 18-19 September 2017 @ Riverside Majestic Hotel, Kuching.


Production Planning and control is a technique of forecasting ahead every step in the long process of production, to ensure output is on time and on target at its maximum efficiency. Effective production planning and control on is to ensure that inventory is at its optimum level and eventually eliminate wastages altogether. With proper production planning and scheduling, the purchasing of raw material should be kept under control and on-projection.  This course is to help production planner to execute an effective planning and control in production to ensure an optimum manufacturing capital return of investment.


  • Increase Efficiency Of Production Planner By Playing Strategic Role
  • Overcome Challenges In Production Planning Of New Products
  • Strategies To Maximise Production Capacity Utilization
  • Strategies To Maximize Manpower Utilization
  • Understand Various Types Of Production Best Practices
  • Eliminate Production Constrains And Challenges
  • How To Control And Manage Inventory Through Effective Production Planning
  • Learn To Use Inventory Analysis Tools
  • Develop Production Planning Performance Analysis

For more information on this course, please contact us at +6 088 731419/570 or email to Joan@cfrontier.com

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