TITLE: FACILITIES & MAINTENANCE MANAGEMENT 2017: Current And Common Problems & Their Solutions In Industry

Facilities Management (FM) involves the management and development of the workplace to integrate people and their work in the operation to achieve the objectives of the organization. This course is specifically developed to appeal to those wishing to enter the field of Facilities Management or those currently in the field who want to upgrade or formalize their knowledge. This course will introduce participants to the key components involved in the design and management of facilities. Current industries require managers who understand the basic elements of facility design and renovation. This course provides the required knowledge to become successful managers in the field of FM. This course is industry designed, to provide a broad understanding of the improvement methodology, concepts, and process. The methodology is presented with case studies and examples drawn from service, business process and manufacturing applications. The integration of manufacturing and maintenance is also addressed. With a heavy practice orientation, as much as a third of your time will be spent working through interactive practical exercises and assessments. This course is designed as an introduction to concepts and methodology.

On successful completion of this course, the participants should be able to:-

  • Demonstrate a basic understanding and appreciation of FM in relation to their existence, design, associated costs, management tools, and environmental concerns.
  • Compare and justify costs associated with various facilities.
  • Consider the impact of facility design on facility management.
  • Discuss computerized and Internet-based facilities management.
  • Discuss budgeting.
  • Explain contract services.
  • Describe responsibility accounting.
  • Explain CapEx management.
  • Argue the need for facilities benchmarking.
  • Justify personnel management.
  • Consider training and certification.
  • Discuss motivations for Environmental Concern.
  • Consider waste minimization and management.
  • Relate conservation and management.
  • Consider involvement of different stakeholders.
  • Discuss design for sustainability.
  • Relate to the need for partnerships
  • Practice and apply the concepts of Facilities Management learnt;
  • Have a firm grip on the various terminologies used in Facilities Management;

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