Title: Personal Effectiveness at Workplace: Mastering Personal Productivity

Date: 22nd – 23rd May 2017  7th – 8th June 2017 **New Date!
Venue: Riverside Majestic Hotel, Kuching


This two day course encourages delegates to consider their current personal traits, habits and behaviors before enabling them to build a repertoire of skills that, when applied, will help them to become more effective and achieve more through building better relationships at work.Delegates will understand during this course that what is important is not what happens to them, but what happens inside them, in other words how they learn to respond outwardly to situations through the control of inner reaction and thoughts. Successful people in business are able to apply discipline to their life and their actions. Understanding your interpersonal skills and professional effectiveness is a major key to success of the organization

  • The importance of thinking patterns and how thought precedes all action
  • Self-image empowerment and building higher levels of self-confidence
  • The application of personal development theories and practices
  • How attitude can affect performance and how to develop a more positive attitude
  • How creativity and imagination can be useful in becoming more effective at work


  • Trainers Notes – A very detailed and concise explanation of what you should do during the session, complete with the comments you should make and notes on what to do during activities etc. This is a very detailed step-by-step way of training.
  • Session Plan – Details what is included in the course, so participants have complete awareness and the trainer can track course progress
  • PowerPoint Slides – All slides necessary to run the course. Please note: Our materials are not ‘Death by PowerPoint’. The major content is in the Trainers Notes and all courses have been designed to be interactive rather than presentational.
  • Activities/Exercises – A detailed explanation of the activities/exercises used to consolidate learning (these are included in the trainers notes).

For more information on this course, please do contact us at:

Kuching: Joan: joan@cfrontier.com / +6088 731570

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