Title: WRITING WINNING PROPOSALS AND REPORTS: Principles & Practical Application

Date: 25th – 26th April 2017
Venue: Radisson Hotel, Brunei Darussalam

Kota Kinabalu
Date: 15th – 16th May 2017 15th – 16th June 2017

Venue: Le Meridien Kota Kinabalu


It is essential to understand how to write reports and proposals that get read. We write reports in a range of formats and a variety of purposes. Whether you need to report on a product analysis, inventory, feasibility studies, or something else, report writing is a skill you will use again and again.

Having a method to prepare these documents will help you be as efficient as possible with the task. This course will build on a solid base of writing skills to present information in formal, informal, and proposal styles.

Proposals are persuasive documents that are fundamental in every organization. This course will look at the types of proposals and how to write proposals that will meet all the fundamental requirements. This will include a number of tips and techniques to increase the potential success of your proposals.

An important but often overlooked aspect of proposal writing will also be covered- Building and Maintaining Relationships. Relationships are built on honesty.  Potential projects must be a good fit for your organization and your organization must be ready to do the work contained in the proposal. The most successful proposals are going to be those that fulfil the mission and values of your organization.



  • Prepare winning reports and proposals that inform, persuade, and provide information
  • Review your work so that it is clear, concise, complete, and correct
  • Describe and understand the basic elements of proposal writing
  • Describe and understand the basic process for successful proposal writing
  • Plan, write and submit a proposal in response to guidelines
  • Apply these skills in real work applications (practical activities)

For more information on this course, please do contact us at:

Brunei: Emily: emily@cfrontier.com / +6 088 731412
Kota Kinabalu: Annette: annette@cfrontier.com / +6 088 731409


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