Date: 23rd – 24th January 2017
Venue: Radisson Hotel, Brunei


Organizations these days must realize that they are contending on the basis of time more than on any other factor.

The rigidities of supply chain management means speed, accuracy is everything. Contracted suppliers need to meet your schedules in a very precise manner, as one mistake could cost a lot more than just one opportunity. With the ever changing and moving global market trends, supply chain today is facing an exciting yet most demanding time.

This intensive and practical session will help you stay abreast with the latest advancement in the warehousing landscape enabling the correct response to the ever-changing operational demands of a warehouse. Participants will learn practical steps from equipment selection, inventory control, put-away, loading, and packing, warehouse layouts, taking, and receiving and identify techniques that can be implemented right away.

Participants will also learn how to perform excellent physical inventory, perform accurate inventory control and implement as well as measure the overall effectiveness of your warehouse according to your respective goals. This course will demonstrate the importance of Storage or Warehousing & Inventory Management and its roles of the warehouse personnel improving organization’s efficiency and profitability. It will expose participants to the most effective world-class practices of Inventory and Warehouse management.


  • Techniques On Selecting The Right Inventory Control Method That Fits Your Goals
  • Effectively Handle Inventory To Fulfill Customer’s Requirement
  • Develop Your Own Action Plan That Best Fit Your Warehouse And Inventory Goal
  • Increase Inventory Handling Accuracy To Save Time And Money
  • Get Updates On The Latest Developments In The Warehouse Working Environment.
  •  Practical Techniques For Improving Your Day-To- Day Warehouse Operations
  • How To Develop A Balance Between Warehouse Service Level And Your Customers’ Needs
  • Cost-Cutting, Productivity Improvement, Inventory Reduction, And Cost-Effective Measures For Your Warehouse

For more information on this course, please do contact us at:

Kota Kinabalu: Emily: / + 6088 731 412

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