Title: Sales & Marketing Masterclass: High Performance Selling Skills, Psychology & Techniques
Date: 23rd – 24th November 2016

Venue: Radisson Hotel, Brunei Darussalam


A high-performance SALES team is one of the most critical components of any successful business. But it is also a complex organism that is difficult to understand and therefore extremely challenging to develop and lead. SALES is a powerful driver of revenues, and because salespeople are entrusted with a company’s most important asset – its relationship with its customers, they have a significant and often determining impact on an organization’s success. Because of the high cost of maintaining a SALES team and because SALES is directly linked to profitability, most companies take an active interest in maximizing SALES team effectiveness, by setting up new learning initiatives.

This course will present participants the combination the most powerful elements in building a strong sales force such as techniques in relationship selling, cutting-edge negotiation skills, a resilient mind-set and power of drive and competitiveness.  In just 2-days, participants will walkway with most effective techniques, tools and strategies known in selling to achieve their maximum potential.


  • Achieve A Successful Mind-Set Of A High Performing Sales.
  • Develop A Lasting Behavioural Change To Remove Negative Mind-Set In Selling
  • Cultivate Habits Of Successful And Efficient Sales People
  • Learn Cutting-Edge Negotiation Skills That Will Increase Sales Significantly
  • Understand Buyer’s Beliefs And Values And Turn It To Your Selling Advantage
  • Identify Techniques That Will Be Most Effective In Stressful Negotiation Situations
  • Winning Face-To-Face Negotiation Skills Using Deal Techniques
  • Understand Strategies For Building Solid Customer Relationships That Always Results In A “Win-Win.
  • Develop Communication And Relationship Building Skills
  • Improve Sales Through Successful Relationship Management

For more information on this course, please do contact us at:

Kota Kinabalu: Emily: emily@cfrontier.com / + 6088 731 412

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